About Me

"That's Tron, he fights for the users."


Makoto Kern, UX Consultant | IIIMPACT, Inc.

UX, Web & Information Architect, UI Mobile Designer in Austin, Texas | Linkedin Group Founder – LeanUX

I’m the founder and UX director of a small, lean digital agency called IIIMPACT, Inc in Austin, Texas.  I have been working professionally for over 8 years in the User Experience (UX) and Information Architecture (IA) field and over 8 years as an Elect./Robotics Engineer.  My passion is to create better experiences for the web, mobile and software applications and my wide variety of experience allows me to excel at this profession. I’ve worked in many industries: from Network Security, eCommmerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Crowdsourcing and SmartTV Start-ups.

My company is based out of Austin, Texas and has clients in Chicago, New York, Miami, and Texas.  It’s my passion to learn how to bring User Experience Design Strategy, process, and technology innovation into companies that are in need of improving their product User Experience (UX), Information architecture (IA), user engagement… and ultimately increasing their bottom line.

I absolutely enjoy what I do and hope to continue being a UX advocate to industry leaders.  I have a wide variety of experience and background and feel this is one of my strongest assets. This allows me to think of solutions from many different angles, while understanding business and development goals and being an advocate for the user. I have a passion for learning about new emerging technologies, methods and research and how to integrate these into new and existing products to improve the user experience (UX).

If you have an inquiry regarding a new project, opportunity, need to redesign old legacy software applications…or just want to talk shop or just say hello, contact me or call @ 877.388.2121 Ext # 1.

IIIMPACT, Inc is a small, Lean UX agency with big experience! We create User-centered, SEO-optimized, professional websites, mobile and tablet apps for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We also are focused on redesigning legacy enterprise and consumer applications, research, strategy, design, and front-end development (HTML/CSS/JS) of consumer, B2B, and enterprise applications for all platforms.

We have produced amazing UX-centered interactive products for startups and some of the world’s biggest companies. Contact innovate@iiimpact.io to get in touch with our team and to discuss how we can help improve your product’s experience, interface, usability and front-end and backend development needs.

We also have staff augmentation for development firms, other creative digital agencies or internal corporate UX / UI / FED teams. If you are looking for support with your digital projects and UX / UI strategy, please contact us as well.